sábado, junio 06, 2009

Conferencia en la India (Pune University)

¡Que ganas de ir a la India!

Para quienes estén involucrados en la usabilidad, esta parece una buena oportunidad para intercambiar experiencias en octubre 2009 en el país del curry, los saris y las samosas:

HWID2009 working conference on usability in social, cultural and organizational contexts - in conjunction with the 4th Cultural Usability
project seminar Hosted by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), A Scientific Society of Ministry of ICT, Government of India,
Pune, India.

Venue: Pune University, India.
Deadline for submissions: August 3rd 2009.

The working conference will present current research into and industrial experiences with usability as a way of connecting empirical work analysis and interaction design, with a special focus on contexts in India. Cultural usability is a comprehensive concept, which adheres to all kinds of contexts in which humans are involved (private family, work, public and private organizations, nature and climate, technological, etc.).

The purpose of the working conference is to enable practitioners and researchers to analyze the concept of usability and how it can be used to connect empirical work analyses and interaction designs in different contexts. After the conference, a limited number of selected papers will be published in an IFIP Springer book.

Submission guidelines:
We invite two types of papers:
- Full research papers (10 pages)
- Industry - case studies & work in progress (4 pages)


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