jueves, junio 11, 2009

Artículos de manufactura disponibles (Springer)

Anuncio breve: el International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology está ofreciendo durante unas semanas acceso gratuito a varios números incluyendo el 38(11-12), y el 40(1-2). En éste último se incluye un artículo sobre la caracterización de impresiones 3D (Zcorp y Polyjet), enlace pdf.

Abstract: "In this work, based on the stipulated standards of the 3D printing machines (ZPrinter 310 Plus) and the hybrid Polyjet technique (Objet Eden 330), adequate test specimens were made. Furthermore, with adequate equipment, we carried out the analysis of the dimensions, roughness of surfaces, and mechanical properties of prototype test specimens. Then, based on the data obtained by testing of properties, we provided a critical commentary regarding the data stipulated by their producers."

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