viernes, mayo 27, 2011

Maestría en Diseño e Innovación en DTU, Dinamarca

Hoy estuve en la presentación de esta maestría por los colegas de DTU, Ulrik Jorgensen y Andrés Valderrama. Quedé muy impresionado debido a que la filosofía y el diseño curricular de esta maestría viene de estudios profundos e interesantes sobre la educación superior y de posgrado en ingeniería y diseño.

Creo que es una buena propuesta para que la/os que tengan interés en estudiar un posgrado. Parte del perfil de egreso dice: "The Product Design study-line combines insight into engineering design and synthesis with industrial design: aesthetical user-oriented design. Graduates of this study-line are knowledgeable and efficient product developers mastering the wide range of competences required to create competitive and sustainable products.MSc graduates are qualified in product life and quality, including design for manufacturing, assembly, distribution,service, use, quality, cost, sustainability and disposal. They can use modeling methods to document, communicate and prove product properties. They thrive in in the composite organizations and knowledge networks that create new innovative products, excel at working with new partners and new technology and easily adapt to new assignments."

En palabras (más o menos) de Ulrik esta es una maestría "que produce menos desempleados que los egresados de Danmarks Designskole..." (auch!)


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lunes, mayo 23, 2011

Maestrías SUTD-MIT

Qué buenas opciones estas maestrías entre el MIT (Cambridge, EEUU) y la nueva SUTD en Singapur:

De sus programas de primer grado no hablaremos mucho por la orientación de este blog, pero también parecen opciones tremendamente interesantes para la formación de diseñadores en cuatro áreas: arquitectura y sustentabilidad, ingeniería y desarrollo de productos, diseño e ingeniería de sistemas, e informática y diseño.

De las maestrías, se antoja un programa MUY completo: de 9 a 13 meses en el MIT en Ingeniería Industrial, Civil, Manfuactura o Sistemas, complementado por una segunda tesis de investigación en SUTD.

Se ofrecen ayudas que incluyen inscripciones en MIT y SUTD, seguros médicos en ambos países, gastos de manutención y pasajes aéreos. ¡Vaya oportunidad para quienes quieran aprovecharla!

Nos mantendremos alertas para ver cuándo ofrezcan programas doctorales comentarlos en este blog.

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sábado, mayo 14, 2011

Beca para doctorado en Birmingham, Reino Unido

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) is part of a cross discipline centre for research into design for zero carbon. BIAD has two foci:

- One focus is on retrofit of energy saving technologies in existing building stock, modeling of energy in buildings, and the application of complexity theory.

- The other focus is on consumer behaviour change for a carbon neutral future, especially through advertising creating the right kinds of desire.


PhD Studentship in Retro-fit

We are offering a PhD studentship in design for zero carbon. This is linked to specific interests in building design, specifically in retro-fit of energy saving technologies, and work with gaining knowledge of a carbon negative house in Birmingham. This studentship is placed in the Birmingham School of Architecture. We welcome enquiries from a wide range of candidates from design, engineering, and architecture. Informal enquiries are welcomed in advance of a formal application.

Although all new UK buildings will need to be zero carbon by 2019, the majority of carbon emissions and environmental impact comes from existing buildings. Birmingham School of Architecture at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design are involved in a unique research project on zero carbon retrofit of buildings. We are developing methods and tools through experimental research, including monitoring and post occupancy evaluation of a zero carbon retrofit house. The work has a potential for a significant impact on UK carbon emissions and the UK economy.

We are seeking suitably qualified and enthusiastic PhD candidates to pursue research within our Low Carbon Retrofit programme, running within our Centre for Low Carbon Research. Successful applicant will have an opportunity to join this research programme at the forefront of the current state of the art and influence its future development.

Candidates should hold a good honours degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline and be committed to studying for a PhD. Experience of sustainable building design, building performance monitoring or building simulation would be an advantage.

A successful applicant for a Research Bursary will receive a tax-free living allowance of GBP13,590 per year (paid monthly) and a fee-waiver for full-time student PhD enrolment, for three years subject to satisfactory performance being maintained.

For further information about BIAD Research please see

and for further details about this studentship please see

The closing date for applications is close of business on 10 June 2011. Interviews will be held on 27 June.
Informal enquiries to:

Dr Lubo Jankovic -


PhD studentships in design for sustainable desires

There may be up to two further PhD studentships which are just announced EITHER in retro-fit (as above) OR in creating desires (below).

Sustainable design is often seen only as a technological fix, but whatever the technologies involved, designers create desires both through the creation of products and services and through their branding and promotion. Our interests centre around ways in which present consumer behaviours may be turned toward more sustainable futures. This is an area of great cultural complexity, and may include designers from any relevant design subject specialism (such as visual communications, advertising, animation, industrial design, furniture, fashion, interiors, retail design, and landscape/architecture) but also from any other discipline that can contribute to understanding behaviour change in the context of design at all levels from design practice to international policy making.

Informal enquiries are welcomed.

The closing date for applications is close of business on 10 June 2011. Interviews will be held on 27 June.
Informal enquiries to:

Professor David Durling -



Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) is a mature and well-founded academic environment. With a distinctive 125-year history in the field of Art, Design and Architecture, BIAD has a reputation for excellence, and its research is recognised as world-leading.

BIAD had considerable success in the RAE2008. A 30|30|20|20 score in UoA63 placed the faculty among the top twelve art and design institutions in the UK. Notably, the research environment was flagged as 4*

It is one of the largest doctoral communities in art and design in the UK, with a long and successful record of doctoral completions, and a number of supervisors engaged in leading design initiatives and policy making internationally.

Research in the Faculty covers a wide range of subject interests, including in recent years, interdisciplinary research with other faculties in the University. For example, the Well-being initiative, developed jointly with the Faculty of Health, has attracted much interest and is generating innovative research. In addition there is a research cluster based around Low Carbon Design, which also involves colleagues from the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment. There are several other research clusters that are either well established or emerging.

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viernes, mayo 13, 2011


Que buena alternativa!

ONELAB2011 Summer Lab for students, architects, scientists, artists, and individuals of all backgrounds to explore design with various living matter including live tissues, bacteria, tree grafting, fungi growth control and parametric scripting.

Parametric Design Workshop
The conceptual and technical sphere of parametric design will be introduced in this workshop by learning systemic processes capable of reacting to various ecologic factors. We will focus on parametric design logic, computational geometry, modeling techniques, and environmental influencers to create radical design answers. Dr. Carlos Barrios will focus the workshop on formal synthesis based on a combination of scientific rigor and artistic expressionism. Series of programs will offer the possibility to explore parametric and computational design with extraordinary flexibility.

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martes, mayo 10, 2011

Conferencia Doctorados en Diseño 2011 (Lancaster UK)

Para estudiantes de doctorado en Reino Unido, imperdible. Para otr@s interesad@s quizá en hacer un doctorado en temas de diseño, también.

Invited keynote speaker: Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi

The Design PhD Conference is a collaborative event between ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University and the School of Design’s Centre for Design Research at Northumbria University. The conference offers an opportunity for PhD students, Masters students, recent graduates and businesses to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas, and learn about the latest developments in design thinking, methods and research projects.

In addition to the keynote, the conference has invited 7 national and international PhD students to present their work, and will host a Poster Session with contributions from the international PhD design research community.

For more information and to register (30th June – free; 1st July - £30), please access the following link:

Space is limited so register soon!!!

PhD students attending the conference are invited to submit an A2 poster representing the key elements of their doctoral research to the conference poster exhibition. Details on submission criteria can be found at the above link.

Best regards,
Prof. Stuart Walker, ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University
Prof. Robert Young, Centre for Design Research, Northumbria University

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miércoles, mayo 04, 2011

Diplomado en Comunicación y Marketing Digital

El Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro, te invita a participar en el Diplomado en Comunicación y Marketing Digital.

Diseña, aplica y evalúa estrategias de comunicación y mercadotecnia a través de diversos medios digitales interactivos propios de la Web 2.0, contribuyendo así con los objetivos de crecimiento de tu organización.

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Maestría en Multimedia, Dublín

Becas para estudiantes latinoamericanos para cursar esta maestría en la Cscuela de Comunicación de la Dublin City Uni en Irlanda, parece una buena opción:

La beca:

La maestría:

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