martes, mayo 10, 2011

Conferencia Doctorados en Diseño 2011 (Lancaster UK)

Para estudiantes de doctorado en Reino Unido, imperdible. Para otr@s interesad@s quizá en hacer un doctorado en temas de diseño, también.

Invited keynote speaker: Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi

The Design PhD Conference is a collaborative event between ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University and the School of Design’s Centre for Design Research at Northumbria University. The conference offers an opportunity for PhD students, Masters students, recent graduates and businesses to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas, and learn about the latest developments in design thinking, methods and research projects.

In addition to the keynote, the conference has invited 7 national and international PhD students to present their work, and will host a Poster Session with contributions from the international PhD design research community.

For more information and to register (30th June – free; 1st July - £30), please access the following link:

Space is limited so register soon!!!

PhD students attending the conference are invited to submit an A2 poster representing the key elements of their doctoral research to the conference poster exhibition. Details on submission criteria can be found at the above link.

Best regards,
Prof. Stuart Walker, ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University
Prof. Robert Young, Centre for Design Research, Northumbria University

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