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Diplomado, Maestría y Doctorado en Antropología y Diseño

Ya antes había escrito aquí sobre Dori Turnstall y el programa de posgrado que dirige en Swinburne Design. En lo personal me parece una excelente alternativa de desarrollo para genete interesada en estos ricos temas del diseño y el ser humano.

Paso aquí la convocatoria para el 2012 tal cual, que incluye un Diplomado en Línea, la Maestría y el Doctorado:

Swinburne University Faculty of Design is now accepting applications into its 2012 postgraduate programs in Design Anthropology. Design Anthropology at Swinburne consists of a hybrid synthesis of academic post-colonial anthropology with the professional practice of design. It seeks to understand how design helps define what it means to be human, the diversity of human value systems, and then how design translates those values into tangible experiences. Swinburne offers three degrees:

01 A fully-online Graduate Diploma of Design (Design Anthropology)  

Available online through Open Universities Australia (
), the one-year full time DAnthro GradDip program is available anywhere
in the world to students who want to round out their applied
anthropology or design electives with a unit or two and professionals
who want to formalize or transition their skills in research and design.
Applications for the program consist of transcripts, citizenship
documentation, proof of English Language Requirements (
), letter of intent (e.g. a letter of 1200-1500 words describing who you
are, why you want to study design anthropology, what specialization
would you choose of the three offered Cross Cultural Brand Identity
Design, Sustainable Design, and Indigenous Knowledge, and what you plan
to do with your degree), and a design or design strategy portfolio (e.g.
a series of 4-5 project case studies demonstrating how you did or would
approach a problem from a holistic perspective). Closing date for formal
applications is Feb. 11, 2012 although we will begin reviewing
applications after Oct. 15, 2011.  

02 Masters of Design (Design Anthropology)  

For those who want to live in Melbourne the World's Most Livable City (
), the one and half year full time DAnthro MDes  (
)program appeals to disciplinary "misfits" who seek either a deeper
level of human and community engagement in their design practices or
want to their research to move beyond dusty reports to direct and
respectful community impact. Applications for the program consist of
transcripts, citizenship documentation, proof of English Language
Requirements (
), letter of intent, and a design or design strategy portfolio. There
are maximum enrollment restrictions on the MDes program to 24 students.
Note that review and acceptance into the program is based on a
first-come, first -served basis as we are required to provide notice of
acceptance within one week of receiving the complete application. So
while the closing date for formal applications is Feb. 2011, we will
begin reviewing applications on Oct. 15, 2011. For information on
international scholarships, please see the Swinburne Scholarship (
) or the Study in Australia Scholarship ( ) pages.  

03 PhD. in Design Anthropology  

Emerging out of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Conference
on Design Anthropology, Indigenous Knowledge, and Culture-Based
Innovation in March 2011, Swinburne Faculty of Design's Cultures-Based
Innovation research cluster accepts two students per year for doctoral
research. The Cultures-Based Innovation cluster conducts research in
order to design innovation processes that position communities of high
cultural wellness, but often low social and health status, as the direct
sources and beneficiaries of innovation. These include Indigenous
communities, minority communities, migrant communities and communities
living in contexts of social and environmental disruption. The cluster
represents the ontological dialogue between Indigenous Knowledge and
Design Anthropology that aims to develop methodologies that create
opportunities for: 
•  the self determination and wealth for communities of high cultural wellness and; 
•  the reduction of the cultural "poverty" of socially and economically wealthy communities.  

Completed applications received by September 15 and April 15 are reviewed for University and Faculty scholarship rounds. 

Thanks and hope that you will help advance design anthropology academically with us.  

Dori Tunstall   

Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall, PhD
Associate Professor, Design Anthropology
Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching

Swinburne Design
Swinburne University of Technology
144 High Street, Prahran, VIC, 3181
Melbourne, Australia

Telephone +61 3 9214 6086
Facsimile  +61 3 9521 2665
Mobile +61 4 0447 1595

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