martes, mayo 31, 2005

El carácter dual de los objetos

Este sitio tiene contenidos interesantes para la reflexión del diseño en general. Se enfoca al análisis de los objetos como entidades físicas y como entidades sociales. Del sitio la descripción:

"The research program The Dual Nature of Technical Artifacts is based on the observation that we employ in our thinking, speaking and doing two basic conceptualizations of the world. On the one hand, we see the world as consisting of physical objects interacting through causal connections. On the other hand, we see it as consisting of agents (primarily human beings), who intentionally represent the world and act in it. These two conceptualizations lead to a set of well-known problems in the philosophy of mind (overdetermination, reductionism), which we will not address. The present program focuses instead on the applicability of these conceptualizations and their interrelatedness when human beings connect to the physical world in the creation of artifacts and technology (artifacts designed by engineers)."

De la Delft University of Technology (Holanda)

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