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Doctor of Philosophy in Design Science, Unviersity of Michigan

Este doctorado me parece una excelente opción para diseñadores. Dirigido por Richard Gonzalez, psicólogo y en el que participa una diversidad muy atractiva de expertos de distintas disciplinas como Ingeniería, Mercadotecnia, Diseño, e inclusive Medicina. Así definen "Design Science":

Design science is an interdisciplinary study. Clearly many disciplines play a role in design. Engineering design models are often product-focused rather than use-focused. The term use-focused refers not merely to the particular interaction of the product with the user but also to the broader societal context in which the product will be used. Other disciplines approach design differently. Industrial design does focus on how the artifact will be used, and employs techniques to assess user needs, such as interviews, observations and focus groups. Marketing also focuses on the needs of the user, but often the focus by marketers is less on product development and more on sales. A limitation inherent in the knowledge these disciplines produce is that the information is usually qualitative and not easy to incorporate into the quantitative models used by engineers. Marketing does use quantitative models that are now gradually linked with the quantitative models used by engineers. Ergonomics and human factors provide yet another view of artifact-user interaction, physical or cognitive, often leading directly into questions addressed in the life sciences and psychology. If you ask further how designs will be produced and where, how they will reach their customers, what are the natural and capital resources expended, or what is the environmental life-cycle impact of the entire enterprise, you can see that the range of disciplines potentially bearing on design is large.
The new field of design science systematically couples these multiple traditions, knowledge domains, and viewpoints. Its foundation is the quest to use analytical, quantitative or qualitative models derived from diverse disciplines and link them in a rigorous decision-making framework. Creating and understanding appropriate models, methods for linking them, and validating the results in actual design situations requires a new research and education paradigm. The design science doctoral program at the University of Michigan offers a unique opportunity to pursue and build upon this new paradigm.

Vale la pena revisar puntos importantes como: "The program is specifically designed to accommodate students with a diversity of backgrounds, who are interested in design research and practice at an advanced level. Each student will have a tailored program of study based on her/his background and interests. The number of admitted students each year is very small."

Aquí el proceso para solicitar admisión: http://designscience.umich.edu/admission02.html

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