lunes, abril 25, 2011

Doctorado en Diseño en Kolding School of Design, Dinamarca

Parecería interesante esta nueva opción:

The research at Kolding School of Design is focused on research subjects that have been prioritised in unison. Through these subjects, Kolding School of Design aims to contribute to the frontiers in international design research. The research at Kolding School of Design unfolds within four fields of force, which share the common objective of strengthening the school's research based knowledge on:
  • Creation processes and cognition in design
  • Processes and methodologies of designing
  • The cultural, organisational, and technological embedment of design processes
  • Challenges for current design practises - value creation, ethic, sustainability, inclusion, and multi-cultural dimensions.
Y como siempre, recomendamos checar su producción científica para darse una idea:

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