lunes, octubre 25, 2010

Doctorado en Diseño en Washington State (Spokane)

La verdad no conozco de primera mano este programa, pero lo dejo aquí para quienes pueda interesarles:

The Interdisciplinary Design Institute on Washington State University’s Spokane campus is pleased to announce we are currently accepting applications for students interested in pursuing our Doctor of Design degree, commencing fall 2011. The priority application deadline is January 10, 2011.

At the Interdisciplinary Design Institute students have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of a wide variety of projects, ranging from small community-based efforts to larger academic research projects and publications. Students may also assist in the delivery of design related courses at the undergraduate level. A limited number of graduate teaching or research assistantships to support pursuit of the degree are available. Out of 20 students in the current program, about 50% are funded through graduate assistantships. The other 50% are funded through government/foreign scholarships, other campus employment, or personal means. Assistantships include a tuition waiver and academic year stipend and are annually renewable up to two or four years depending on the award and assuming satisfactory progress towards the degree is made.

The Doctor of Design focuses on applied research and emphasizes the advancement of interdisciplinary knowledge. The program has three areas of concentration: Design Methods & Processes; History, Theory and Criticism; and People and Place, and is inherently interdisciplinary, with supporting faculty from architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and related fields. Our current foci of research include:

• Daylighting and human performance
• Health-environment interactions
• Design for an aging society
• Workplace performance and creativity
• Design pedagogy and design leadership
• Human-centered sustainability
• Participatory design processes
• Culture-environment studies

The program has outstanding research faculty who genuinely seek to offer personal mentorship to doctoral students. Successful candidates will exhibit strong critical thinking abilities and be highly motivated to extend inquiry in one of the research foci identified above. Being an interdisciplinary program, a respect for other perspectives, openness to challenging new ideas and a collaborative spirit are essential.

Students in our program are more than doctoral students; they are essential members of our team of researchers and educators. This is why we provide them with mentorship from personable, stellar research faculty and access to excellent facility resources, including two state-of-the-art research labs: the Geographical Information Systems and Simulation Lab and the Integrated Design (Daylighting) Lab.

If you care to join us in furthering the body of evidence for design decision-making, please visit our website at We hope you will take the time to explore the program and join us in this innovative learning experience.

For further information, please contact:

Jaime Rice, Ed.M
Academic Coordinator
Interdisciplinary Design Institute
Washington State University Spokane
PO Box 1495
Spokane, WA 99210-1495
(T) 509.358.7945
(F) 509.358.7900

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